Finally, A Better Computer!

So after using the same computer for years and years, I finally decided to put together a new computer that had the power I really needed to work (and play games!).

My Life in IT

Currently I work as an IT. Many fun and terrifying things happen and it is up to me to troubleshoot and fix the problems that I face.  I will be using this section of my website to share my experiences and advice as I learn more about information technology.

MooTools Rulez!

I use MooTools a lot at work, and every now and then I discover something fun that I just have to share! From time to time I will post in here about things I come across, and hopefully someone will find a use out of it!

JQuery Is Cool!

I am going to try to posts some cool JQuery articles whenever I come across anything I find interesting, or when I do something cool that I want to share with the world. I don’t use JQuery as much as MooTools but I love JQuery quite a bit.

Welcome to My New Blog!

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I decided I needed more of a professional presence on the internet, so here I am. My goal with this blog is to provide information about all sorts of things from IT support to Front End Development! Hopefully this site will turn into something awesome but if not, at least I have a cool place to host my resume!

Random Adventures Around the World

I love going on adventures. Exploring nature, discovering new places in the city I live in, and spending time with my loving partner Rebecca. I hope to highlight many of my fun travels in this section of the site and hopefully I can inspire you to take your own adventures!