I Realized That There Aren’t Enough Flappy Bird Clones..

…So I decided to make myself another one! Using Phaserjs and a mix of regular jquery to fill in the gaps when I was frustrated and feeling lazy, I was able to make a halfway decent flappy bird imitation.  Currently I have a for loop creating the tubes as little square blocks, but I will probably update them sometime soon to be actual pipes now that I have figured out how to do that.

This goes to show you how easy it is to grab a javascript framework and get to work writing some really cool things.  Hopefully these simply libraries will open up the door for the next generation of developers. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for browser based gaming.

Obviously I have a lot of things I still need to work on with this version such as making it fit better on mobile devices, and a few performance tweaks to do as well, plus the sound of the cat hitting the wall is a little too terrifying, at least to the few people who have played it.

Try it here