Should I Still Learn Objective-C – Thoughts on Swift

Swift, like the bird?

Apple recently announced their new programming language for iOS, Swift. It is meant to work side by side with Objective-C, as it attempts to simplify the language and make it more accessible.  A lot of people are up in the air about whether they should continue learning Objective-C or wait to learn Swift. It looks like Swift is supposed to outperform Objective-C by as much as 93x.

Should I Continue Learning Objective-C

A lot of newer developers are starting to wonder if they should hold off on learning Objective-C. It is really important to note that while Swift is going to be the primary language of iOS it still works beside the other languages you are learning. One thing to remember is that programming is a constantly changing field where changes occur frequently. Coming from a background in web development I can definitely vouch for how fast things can change and one day you are using MooTools and the next you ditch it for jQuery because more people are using it and it has better documentation.

I don’t think that anyone who has even just begun learning how to write iOS apps should wait, because you are still learning valuable skills and who knows what weaknesses and flaws Swift will have and how you can use that knowledge to account for that.  You also never know when you might run across an old app’s source that you need to rewrite, and knowing what is happening in Objective-C will make it easier for you to move it over.

Much Excitement, So Code, Wow!

I’m definitely excited about this release as it really levels the playing field a bit for people just getting started. Any time a new language comes out there is a gold rush of sorts that happens where people are writing new books, new blogs get created, these truly are fun times to be a developer. Don’t get discouraged by the constantly changing battlefield that developing can be.