Goals for 2015

The past year was a really good year for me. I started a job at an agency, got really good at building responsively, started a few personal website projects, and read a bunch of books. This year I hope that I can do even more. Putting these goals here is a way for me to track what I said I’d do. (Apparently I had this set to 2014, it pays to make sure you type things correctly!)

  1. Read more – I’ve been doing a lot of reading and it really has helped me tremendously. Every book that I have picked up contained at least one gold nugget of information that I have used numerous times. My goal is to read at least 20 books, and try to do a write up as I finish each one.
  2. Learn AngularJS – A lot of projects on the web are starting to use Node/Angular/whatever to make fullstack applications. I definitely see that being important to know and I want to learn as much as I can about it. I already have a good solid understanding of the OSI model so it shouldn’t be too hard for me to figure out… at least I hope not!
  3. Bike to work – Not really a development thing, but I know that I want to ride my bike to work a lot more. I think that doing this at least twice a week should be doable and help me out a lot with the next goal I have.
  4. Lose Weight – I sit down A LOT. Due to the nature of the work that I do, I am not moving around as much as I probably should.  If I could lose about 20lbs. that would be amazing, so I will see what happens.
  5. Travel to California – This has been on my wish list for a while and Becca really wants to go so hopefully this is happening.
  6. Write Articles More –  I definitely need to step up my blogging game, I should be posting way more. I run several other blogs and feel like I have neglected them as well.
  7. Practice Design – I’ve always been a coder but I want to spend some time working on learning and getting better at design. If designers have to learn to code a bit these days I supposed I can learn how to make pretty things.

Well here are the primary things I am really striving to work on this year, if I come up with anything I will add them to the list.