What Joining the WordPress Slack Taught Me

Attending WordCamp 2016 was a huge motivator to get started in helping within the WordPress community. The most experience I had as a contributor for any open source project were primarily discussions on Github with various frameworks I used. Since I use WordPress just about every day of my life, I figure I owe it a lot, after all it does pay the bills.

Slack Is Fun

The forums tend to be the most obvious place to start when looking to contribute to WordPress or so I thought but as it turns out, the Slack group is full of opportunities. Signing up and getting started is a simple as signing up for the forums and then registering on the Slack Page. Once you are logged in you can enter various channels that pertain to specific parts of WordPress such as Core, REST API, Forums, and much more.

The WordPress Community Is Very Supportive

It can always feel daunting at first when you talk to people who have been working on a project for years, often with very high level understandings of the inner workings of WordPress. Don’t be afraid though, the people who work with WordPress are very receptive and helpful. I remember being embarrassed at first because I found some typos in the documentation and was asking the best way to get those fixed, but it was as simple as someone telling me to do a simple pull request. Since I don’t normally work on Github, I had to figure out how to do a PR but it was as simple as forking the repo, making the change, and then submitting it. I survived, it was accepted.

There Is A Lot Going On

One of the first things that stood out after being on Slack for a few days is the sheer amount of talk happening about so many pieces of WordPress. Most of us only hear about what makes it to new releases of WP but there are some larger projects such as the REST API, Fields API, and numerous game changing UI conversations. It really gives you a perspective and insight into just how much WordPress is growing.

Get Started Today

Words cannot describe how happy I am to have joined the Slack group and the motivation is has given me to write my own plugin for testing the REST API, as well as work more and more to help with taking WordPress to the next level. If you have ever wanted to start contributing but didn’t know where to start, hop on and check it out. You don’t even have to write code, documentation is what makes software great, so fix some typos!