A Post A Week

What I want to do

I don’t use this website as nearly as much as I should. I have decided that I want to start posting at least once a week, and then hopefully trying a blog a day challenge for the month of June.  I’m sure this is probably going to be harder than what I think but whatever, I’ll find a way to make it happen.

How I plan to do it

My plan is to focus each week on a different topic.  I’ll probably start off with a post about some cool new technology, then post about something I am working on. Maybe after those two posts I’ll try my hand at writing a How-To. For the final post I will talk about all the challenges I faced in doing this.

Isn’t one a week sort of…lame?

Well yes it is actually! However, I really do need to start writing more and if I have learned anything it is that you have to set realistic goals and with as busy as I have been, this is probably the most real I can get.


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