I Have Absolutely No Idea What I am Doing – A Guide to Learning New Things

People think I’m some sort of expert

Everyone in my family thinks I’m some sort of computer expert. I’ll be honest and state that I know very little compared to a lot of people out there in the world.  The reality is that the skill I do possess is being able to look up information and process it in a way that allows me to complete whatever it is I am working on. Recently I started working on learning IOS development and while I understand very little of objective-c, I am still able to get things working by understanding the problem I have.

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was that “It isn’t the solution that matters, but the question that you need to ask”. When you know what question to ask then you know how to find the right answer to solve your problem.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand something 100%

There are plenty of times that I have worked on a project, even if I didn’t understand every single bit of what a function did or how some class was being used. In the end as long as it works that is all that matters. Now I know that some people are going to groan and say that something may not be efficient or possibly insecure, and you’re right those things do matter, however in the grand scheme of things if you are just starting out learning something efficiency doesn’t matter nearly as much as being able to put together a working project vs giving up.

Know where to look for what you need

When I started my new job as a developer I struggled a bit at first because most of my experience was working on the backend. People think that front-end dev is easier because you don’t have to do as much heavy lifting yet they don’t consider how hard things like UX and design can be. Sometimes the designers aren’t working with you to understand the client needs and expectations of the project and it is up to the person in dev to help make them aware of that.

That is when I realized my issue was that I wasn’t really following any blogs that talked about design, ux, wordpress development, or anything else for that matter. I spent a few days looking up blogs that I should be following and in not time I was catching up to current trends and techniques. It really can make a difference if you take the time to look up and follow articles on topics that matter to you. My feed currently has about 20 sites that I visit on a regular basis and it has helped me so much.

Be the developer you want to be

I think that everyone should strive to be the best person that they can be in their field. I’ve worked in IT, tech sales, and full stack development and I always push myself to be the best that I can be. When I’m at home I’m still learning new things and keeping current on the world of development. There are always at least three or four books on my tablet at a time that I am reading through and I”ll always try to pull it out at least once a day to flip through a few pages.

Don’t get discouraged by not knowing something, often times it is your drive to learn that will help pull you through. There have been many times in previous jobs where at the beginning  I was looking at something that I couldn’t understand and was thinking “How am I going to pull this off”. When you take the time to break your problem into smaller pieces, and understand how every piece works with one another, you will know the right questions to ask, and you will find the answers you need.

Keep on dev’ing on!



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