Mac Development – WHAT?!?

Joining the darkside

Recently if you’ve hung out with me you might have noticed that I am primarily developing on Apple now. For the longest time since I worked in IT, I was always heavily biased towards Windows because, let’s face it, the networking tools are way better. You can’t beat Active Directory and Group Policy. Nowadays though, must of my sysadmin work is done on the server side, outside of the network, and I spend a lot of my time writing code. After many long nights of reading articles all over the internetz I decided that Mac was the way to go for me.

It just works

I know that a lot of my Windows friends are going to cringe at my saying that, but they really do just work. The fact that I am able to run Ruby, SSH, and all sorts of other tools I use on a daily basis directly in the terminal with minimal fuss is enough of a selling point for me, and on top of that I can drag folders into bash as well so that I can easily cd to the directory I need. I can even install programs from the terminal with ease too. One of the programs I use a lot is AMPPS and right after installing it, I was able to get running whereas on Windows I was stuck troubleshooting issues with Apache, something I ran into with MAMP as well.


It may seem silly but aesthetics are very important and Apple has that nailed down. Their computers are beautiful and the user interface is very minimalist, which helps focus on that task at hand. The hardware design is also spectacular. I’ve had the battery last in my laptop for an entire day of heavy usage, something I’d only get maybe 4 hours on with other laptops I have owned in the past.

Not Bloated

One of the other great things about Apple is that they don’t load crapware on your computer like OEM’s do. Obviously that isn’t something that Microsoft can do so much about, and if I was building a computer (which I would), I most definitely would be using an OEM disc so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it. It is nice to buy something and not feel like you are still being marketed to.

Final Impression

All in all, I love working on my Mac now and I don’t think that for web/app development that I would want to go back to Windows. I just don’t run into all the extra issues I am used to having to deal with and it is nice. I still love my gaming rig, and that is what it is going to remain as. I plan on getting a 4k display and moving my two new 24″ monitors to a dock so that my mac can reside there with both of those hooked up. I’m glad I made the switch.

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